“Close ur eyes. Just do that. Now imagine this is us, u and me. You are my girl now. Dont cry, I dont let you cry, I know you exist. I know how much you love me. I know the bad things people say to u just because u like me. Sorry i can’t meet you at this moment but you have to know that I do this. I close my eyes and I imagine you, here with me. I want you to imagine the same thing. Dont cry please. Just smile. I want you. I like you. I love you. Promise me  that you will love me too. No matter what. You know Im not just your idol,  Im yours and you are mine. No, I dont want you to have a boyfriend. Cause I am your boyfriend. Just close your eyes. Smile. Im here. I love you. I cant answer all your messages because I dont have a lot of time. But i do see your message and I smile. So keep sending them.”
- Justin Bieber.


remember when justin was the main topic for all the interviewers </3

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